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A few questions


December 13, 2000
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I was reading threw alot of your guys post.. How do i reset the computer in my explorer 91? Do i just disconnect the battery or is there more to it? Also in my back window on my 91 explorer XLT i have no rear windsheild whiper or a defrost does anyone else have this? Thanks alot for your input!

disconnect the battery for at least five to ten minutes, but ideally for several hours to reset the computer. as for the defroster and wiper, i am assuming that both of your defroster wires are intact and attached to the window, so the first place i would check, seeing as you are having two probs back there would be the fuses. if the fuses are still good, run a search on the site for rear wiper repairs, or rear wiper doesn't work. there you will find lots of info, as this is a pretty common problem. good luck