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A few SAS questions (preliminary research)

I'm interested in swapping a Dana 44 into my 2000 Sport. I'd like to have coil springs and radius arms. What trucks should I be looking for the axle to come from? I'd like the axle to be as close to the same width as stock, and it'd be cool if I could grab radius arm mounts, radius arms, coil buckets etc from the same place. An added bonus would be disc brakes over drums.

Also, my understanding is that no Dana 44 axles come with the Explorer 5x4.5 bolt pattern, but that it's easy to convert the 8.8 rear to 5x5.5 using spacers to match the 5x5.5 found on some Dana 44s.

Is there a vehicle that matches that criteria that I could work on tracking down for parts?

Also steering boxes... What am I looking for? Is there something that is a direct bolt in that will work?

If I were to use a Dana 30 instead (I plan on keeping 33's and don't intend to go any larger), is there any specific Dana 30 that would fit that criteria? Dana 30s come in the 5x4.5 bolt pattern, correct?


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November 8, 2008
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I believe (lots to read on this) from what I have read 77-79 Fseries trucks and broncos have the axle you are looking for. why use spacers and not just switch to the larger diameter lug pattern? you would need to I would think as the hubs are larger and wont fit thru the 4.5..