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a few upgrdes but which ones?

hey guys,
i want to up my power level in my 1991 ohv. its a 4 door 4x4 and i want to be able to smoke my tires with a fair amount of ease. whats mods would you suggest to get to that point? i dont want to change the gears or anything, and i already plan to put on an exhaust and a custom k&n filter.

another quick question while im writing this, i notice there are a few lines coming off my airbox, what are they and what is the result of removing them to put on a conical air filter?

PS: please include where imight find the products you suggest and please do NOT tell me how illegal smokeshows are.


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no clue what the lines goto anymore, just air lines, KKM kit said plug em up.
Not too many things you can do without getting serious besides intake, exhaust, and chip. There's not too much you can do to those engines.

so my options are pretty much
throttle body

wow tht sucks....

Definately do: intake, exhaust, TB, chip. That will already put you out a good chunk of change. On early models, a larger MAS can help too like you said. After that, it's pretty much gears, engine internals, or an s/c.

ok sounds good. is the dynomax exhaust any good?

i saw a helix power tower tb spacer in summit. its basically like a tornado or such. anybody had any experience with them?

I hear Dynomax is fairly good, but I stand by Magnaflow. I recommend a 2.5" muffler and 2.25" tailpipe, custom job. As for the TB spacers and air inserts, they don't do anything on EFI motors like ours.

You wont be able to smoke your tires with ease with an OHV unless you throw an S\C on there or its wet out... lol
Sounds like you want a dragster out of an X... that just aint going to happen. Do you have the towing package on there?

I got to get one of them throttle bodies!

uhhh....i dont know, hw can i tell if theres a towing package? i dont have a tow hitch mounted to the frame if thats what you mean.

Take a look and see if you have a factory tranny cooler.

Originally posted by bates

i saw a helix power tower tb spacer in summit. its basically like a tornado or such. anybody had any experience with them?

I've heard conflicting stories about them... Although more people have said they are crap. But some people swear by them. So basically I haven't helped you any... you're welcome.