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A lift question you'd think Id be able to get an answer for.


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March 25, 2015
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2004 Sport Trac
Traxda 102020. Will it work on my 2004 Sport Trac 4wd? Ive seen threads saying it will work, and others saying it won't. The sticky thread doesn't even mention it which seemed odd to me. I want to lift the truck a little and put new tires on it for a subtle look.

Also, how do I upload pictures? Should I use an image host like imgur?

Thanks guys.

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After reading the instructions, I'm going to go with no, it won't work. We have different types of suspension then what they describe and there's no place to put those spacers.

Plus, you can get similar lift for significantly cheaper by doing the TT up front and add a leaf in the rear.

I saw a lot people who did the TT saying that they wouldn't do it again. Price isn't what I'm concerned with, obviously its a factor but my main concern is that I don't want to modify the vehicle in a way that causes excessive wear or dramatically changes the ride quality.

For every person that hated the torsion twist there's another that knows what a truck should ride like.

What are your goals?

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There's people here who don't like the Torsion Twist? :eek: Must've missed them. That seems to be the immediate go-to around here along with shackles. Huh...

Any type of lift is going to affect your truck in SOME way, but that's the price you pay. If you want to add some tires and change the look of the truck, just get some meaty 31's and call it a day.

They've got their model years mixed up. That lift will fit the 2nd gen ST, 07+.