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A little buying assistance???

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No more then $1500 if that. $2700 lol. That guy must be out of his mind.

$1500 I thought that before the I seen the other post it is super clean but still 20 years old the $2700 that guys on drugs

$1200-$1500 tops.

He was asking $3K...lol! Doubt you'll get him to move much off the $2700 with that in mind.

Kinda wondering why there are no pictures of the passenger side? If the body is clean and the interior is good. No rust and you like this style then it isn't a horrible price.

Thanks Gents, I was hesitant at $2k. I knew 3 was out of the question. I didn't think it would get as low as $1500. I'm going to contact him tomarrow. I'll let y'all know how it goes. ;)

If you're comfortable going to around $2 'ish after checking it out, the big pluses about that particular Sport are, low miles for it's age, it looks like it was taken care of, it has the OHV (vs the SOHC) engine and the manual trans. If it's exceptionally clean in person, has good rubber and doesn't need any immediate repairs. See what he'll take for it, but it is a 20 year old vehicle after all. Bring the cash and negotiate the best deal you can get. It's been for sale for a month, so maybe you get get him to sell it for something closer to $2K. You know what they say - cash talks. That's how I got my loaded '00 5.0L AWD Mountaineer with 167K on it for $2150 4 years ago. After the seller sees the cash and believes you're ready to walk away it becomes a big incentive for him to take the money.

I'm going to go look today. I scratched up $2k. I've decided that's all I'm paying. Guy says he's moving and has to many vehicle... then y is he open to trading for a jeep? Sounds a little weak to me. I guess we will see.
I haven't seen an ex sport this clean in 15 yrs. they all seem to be trashed or broke down. I have to go look :/

It's only worth you are willing ro pay for it and he is willing to selling for.. .. not being a clown, but personally I'd rather over pay for a VERY clean interior and exterior with very little to only moderate repairs vs. Super reliable out of the box but been through a war.

I tend to but vehicles that have solid bodies and very nice interiors ( or at least will detail up well). My rationale is that your spend alot of time in your interior if its all broken up and tired it will make your vehicle feel tired even though it isn't.

Also manual 4x4....thats like a unicorn these days.

That's the way I feel about rust. If the exterior looks ratty, I lose interest in maintaining it mechanically. Judging by what I see in the junk yards around here, that's pretty much the norm. That's the reason I bought my current Explorer in AZ. With that in mind, a rust-free vehicle such as this one would be considerably more valuable in my part of the country.

So I called dude and his interpreter said he wouldn't take less than $2500. I told him adios! So back to the drawing board. I have a line on a $500 ranger... maybe I'll see how bad that's tore up.

Thanks for all the advise :)