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A little lost - 98 Mach stereo - subwoofer


December 21, 2004
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Tulsa, OK
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'98 Eddie Bauer V8 AWD
I read the sticky here, but I'm still a little confused.

Should the stock MACH subwoofer have its own amp, near the subwoofer, or is the amp behind the head unit?

Our subwoofer has never worked since we bought the truck used, and I'm not sure if it's blown or if the amp is missing.


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The stock subwoofer has a little amp mounted to it's box. You need to remove the rear panel to see it. It is between the sub and the shoulder harness.

The amp should be mounted to the subwoofer enclosure.

OK, so it's gone. Now what?

I guess I can search for a factory amp for sale on here or Ebay, but is there some cheapo Wal-Mart one I can pick up or something to get it to work again?

Post in the Want to buy section, you'll find one.
If you can fit an aftermarket, it would sound better for sure, but I'm not sure of the wiring, and the power wire would need to be larger.