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A little paint and Roof Rack Shaving

Black Magic

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I had the piece that goes obove the rear license plate panted black to match. I also removed my Roof Rack to clean up the lines with the Saleen Wing and Roof Line. I think it looks good.

After removing the rack I took some pictures. Later I cleaned the area with soap/water. Then used ClayBar and there are no differences in color from under the rack to the body color.

I am getting all the other grey panneling painted soon. The body shop needs to get the paint adhesive product.

"Please excuse the stock wheels and tires the 20" are on the way!"

Click here for all the pics


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hey, that looks great :)

HOLY SH*T MATT that looks freakin amazing!:bounce:

i really like it, can i do it? pretty pretty please!!!! :(

some questions...

1) where did you get the saleen wing and how much ( if you dont mind me asking)

2) how much did it cost to get the back piece painted? i was thinking about doing that last week when i put my hyperwhites in.

3) did you get an estimate for the bottom moldings?
ive heard 600 so far as being the best price.

post some more pics i you can and keep up the good work


Yes, where'd you get that wing. Please don't say Saleen...

sorry forgot to ask in first post, did you shave the emblem? it certainly looks like it.

tbomb Thanks!

2k1exsport Thanks again, Go for it! It does look a lot better. That is why we post here and look here all the time so that we can see what everyone else is doing and if we like it or not. Then incorperate it or know not to do it for our tastes.


1.)You can not get them from Saleen anymore. They do not have them. I ordered one they charged my card and then 2 months later I still did not have a wing. I called them and spoke to about 4 people and they all appoligized that they do not have any Explorer parts at all anymore. They could not make the wing or swaybars that I ordered nor do they have any for replacments. So, if you have a Saleen Explorer, DO NOT GET INTO AN ACCIDENT! You won't be able to get replacment Saleen parts.

Oh yea, to answer your question... I used ebay and set up a search for Saleen Explorer Wing. It took about 2 months for one to pop up. But it did, I placed a bid of $450. But only have to give $180 shipped. I did not want to loose the auction.

2.) The painting of the wing and License cover was FREE! I have two brothers that have two different businesses that have things painted by their buddie all the time and he painted the two pieces for me for free, w/ Clear coat.

3.) The bottom is being looked into now. He will do if for me but not really wanting to do it. So I have another buddie that works at a Ford Body shop and he said that they could do it. He is going to find out how much. I want everything sanded smooth and glossy.

No, I did not shave the Ford Emblem. I would never shave the Ford Oval. I have shaved off everything but the Ovals and Explorer. I am proud of my Ford.

Hartman Please see the info above.

More pics of the rear and top here.

That looks nice n' smoov.

What did you do about the struts for the glass?

It kills me because in September when I ordered my wing, struts, bars and exhaust - they double shipped everything. Each order was $450. I thought - "maybe I should keep the second order as a spare, it might be worth something, someday"

Me=bonehead. I sent it all back!

FrankRizzo Thanks for the complimentDead Link Removed

The wing came with the struts. They were nice so no one smacks the wing with the glass.

FrankRizzo, do you have any pics of your Saleen peddles and Dash kit? I am thinking of getting the peddles. Your ride looks great too!:cool:

I seriously need to get one of those wings! That's absolutely awesome looking!
Is that a 4.0 or 4.6?

fellow 2k1er sport and let me get this right... all you did was unscrew the roof racks and screwed the same screws back in? I really wanna get those things off and if you let me know what you did (pretty detailed please) I will do it this weekend!

RoadEnforcer :( First of all I am sorry it took me so long to reply. :D Now, Yes, that is all you need to do. Just unscrew the 6 screws/bolts take the thing off and put them all back where you found them. Yes you can still see where the bolts are but they are a butt load less sticking out than the useless rails. Love the way it looks with out them!

you scared of it leaking or anything?




Yeah i just did it today.... damn i got some washing to do.... it was like white underthere!

No leaking here. I did not use anything special either. I figure that it was the bolts were there before with no leaks now just there by them selfs.

:cool:RoadEnforcer Post some pics...:cool:

The reason I used the RTV is because the rack itself looked like it might have acted as a gaket in between the screw and the threaded collar in the roof.
Can never be too carefull!!!

Johnny V.

it looks good, cept for the silver/crome thing under the bolt.

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I agree!!!
I painted mine white to match the truck, doesn't look as bad now.

Some day I'll shave and repaint the roof.

Wheels and tires 1st!!!!

Johnny V.