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A new system 4 me


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March 13, 2001
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Central PA
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2001 F350 7.3
Whats up everybody, sold my old crap and just like anybodys opinions on my next system:

4-rockford 5x7's (already installed)
4-rockford 15" HX2 DVC (1 in the mail)
4-rockford BD500.1 mono amps (1 already)

I dont know what kind of head unit, or speaker amp im going to run, but id like to do an all rockford system.
I am making my own enclosure for the back, each 15 will have its own chamber. each sub is going to get approx. 3.0 ft3 of space and will be ported.
I am going to try to cut an oval plexiglass piece and use it as a window in the back of the enclosure. anyone know if neon is affected by SPL!!!! id like to light the inside of the box with blacklight.
This is going to be my winter project. Im helping my friend put a system in his neon right know, im tryin to talk him into lettin me put his amp in his fold-down back seat, w/ neon.

Anyways any suggestions or comments let me know!

Thanks for all the info in this forum!!!!!

sounds like a good idea and a fun project. do you have a rockford headunit? you chould also get some 5 1/4" components for the kickpanels. the 5X7s in the doors will be good for a midrange fill, but the components will add midbass and clear highs (with better stereo imaging in the kicks). also, you'll need a better alternator or you stock one wont last very long.

i'm in the same situation as you. i just gutted my system and i'm planning the rebuild of a new system. my old system had four 15" subs in it too. this next system will either be just 1 or 2 (sq is what i'm going for this time).

good luck, and enjoy the install :)