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A-pillar gauge pod?


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August 23, 2007
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Tulsa, Oklahoma
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'92 XLT 4X4
I have searched and searched on here and online and I can't find an a pillar gauge pod for first gen explorers.

Do any of you know of one that will fit? Perhaps one made for a late bronco/ bronco2? I think they have the same dash as these explorers and perhaps the similarity persists to the pillars.

The lack of aftermarket support for what was the single most popular SUV in the united states in the early '90s frustrates me to no end. :(

thanks in advance guys

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you mean this?

ATM-15309 for a Ranger


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Yep...like Albino said....If it doesn't exist for the Explorer, try looking for it as a Ranger part...more than likely you will find it there....


Sweet guys thats exactly it! I just need a two pod version. I was told that ranger pods would not work. Guess they were wrong!

Thanks guys.

...yeah....and if you believe that, you probably also believe the story that same guy would tell you about the Explorer being easy to roll over....


I put in a 2-gauge pod made by Autometer in my '92 XLT. Probably is a Ranger unit, but I'll send you the part number when I get home from work.


Cool guys. I was gonna buy one ofnthe "universal" pods if I couldn't Find an application specific one. Figured a heat gun would do the trick.

Lookin forward to that number bob!

On a side note, Im gonna put the rest of my gauges on the dash above the 4x4 switch and the vent. Do you know of a three gauge pod that is shaped roughly like this:

Treat the dashes as though they arent there

Side view
---------------$$$$--------------$ front

Front view

Autometer makes this one, Part # AM15016, for a super duty I think. Just google "universal dash mount gauge pod" u will get plenty of hits.


I have this one..

The problem with this type is that I get reflection on the winshield at night. I made sun visors for mine (like the brim of a baaseball cap).. That keeps the them from reflecting on the winshield.

Here is the link to the universal ones egauges sells.. (that is who I buy my gauges/senders from).
edit: fixed link

Heres a better pic of the gauges/mount.. if I run across a better pic, I'll post it.



I bought an Autometer 2-gauge pod from egauges.com. It is part number ATM-15308. It is listed as fitting 95-99 Explorers, but it fits my 1st gen 1992 XLT perfectly.


sweet thanks guys I ordered one for a ranger. Hopefully will be here by this wekend.

The one in erick's picture is perfect. But I see it listed for rams and I know how curved those dashes are so I doubt it will mate well with the flat ex dash.

I think I'll get the one mark has and paint it silver and do some brushed steel effects on it.

And if you still had to have the slanted back you were looking for, it would be a fairly easy fiberglass job to modify Marks as well.

just got off the phone with our aftermarket supplier from work, been trying to find an autometer 15309 for a week or so. after some searching they found 2 left in one of their atlanta warehouses, the cust. service rep told me that 15309 is a discontinuted part number. hoping she means they no longer carry it rather than autometer no longer making it bc there are many many people that can use these. mine should be here thursday. now to find maroon paint to match my interior.

May I present another option;)


This is 2 gen, but it probally would work in 1st gen too.:D

Just realized I never posted pics of my pod installed.

Will get some later.