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A-Pillar Pods DONE! w/ column pod too!

Black Magic

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February 10, 2000
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Well everyone has been tuned in through out the entire process. Thanks for the support. Here is the finally product!



Side Note the bottom two don't have the LED's as I have in the Boost on the Column and the top on the piller. I am still waiting on them from the place I bought them from off the internet. You can see the difference and improvment the LED's make in the color.

This shot show how well they come out. Looks totally factory!


More pictures here of everything...

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Looks sweet!!!!!

i love the multi color.... i want one...heheh.:D :D

Black Magic, i am so jealous of your truck its not even funny!

how hard was it to install the wires for the guages

Very Professional!

Damn, very very nice job Matt.

Well Mike, that is a good question. I was crunched for time. So I just hooked them up for power to my driving light switch and mounted everything. I am going to make them functional asap!

Thanks for the compliments everyone!

Very nice Matt! Did those come factory match color??

so, when ya startin on mine, I need em by New Years. LOL. great job as always man.

Yea, the Phantom guages from Autometer match my factory guages perfectly. I am very happy with how they turned out.

Even though you are my biggist fan, Magicfan25, I am working hard on the roll pans now and can't wait to get them rolling and done.