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A quick fix for a broken trim bezel clip

Ken Hayes

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April 23, 2000
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When I replaced my radio I broke off one of the clips on the back of my trim bezel. I made a quick fix by doing the following:

(First of all, glue and JB weld don't work well in this situation.)

Remove the broken clip from the dash. Find about a #8 machine screw. The remaining plastic stud that the clip screws on to is hollow. The screw should fit pretty snug. Insert the screw into the stud at the base of the clip. Take a dremel tool with a cut-off wheel and cut the screw to an appropriate depth equal to, or slightly less than, what's left of the stud attached to the trim bezel. Screw the clip to the back side of the trim bezel where it was broken. Do not over tighten, and don't cut the screw too long or too short.

So far it's working great!



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July 22, 2008
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NW Washington
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1998 Eddie Bauer
This is a really old thread, but I need to resurrect it, because my dash bezel from my '93 XLT has all broken studs.

I'm not sure that I follow this how-to. Does the screw go through the hole in the metal clip from the back side, and then into the remainder of the plastic stud on the bezel? If so, how do you tighten it down?

Any other methods that people get around this problem? My bezel just sloppily hangs in space. I'm almost at the point of buying a $70 one on eBay that has all the studs and clips in place.


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April 6, 2008
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1994 Explorer 2dr 4x4
MS Paint for the win with an illustration! Not all parts drawn to scale but you get the idea.


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