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a sad story... and will these fit?

You want to hear a sad story?

I recently got some 18" used rim online from a local guy... Monday it was raining and went off the road... and broke one of the rims... now I have 3 new (used) rims, one broken one, 4 new tires for the 18"... also, I have the old/OEM 16" rims (in good condition) with old tires...

It turns out that the rims that I got (KMC Venom) are discontinued and very difficult (impossible) to find....

so my options are now:

1. find one rim to match the other 3 (already tried that and got no luck).
2. buy a new 18" that kinda looks like the ones that I have.
3. buy a whole new set of 18" to use the new tires that I bought.
4. buy a whole new set of tires for the OEM 16"
5. try to find a set of used/cheap 18" to installed the new tires...

Will this fit my '04 x?




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