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A series of failures I NEED HELP!!!


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May 15, 2003
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2000 EB
Hello folks. Been a member for a while and mostly helped out in the audio/video area. I have a few 911 type fixes and really dont want to utilize a shop and some of these fixes I don't know what type of shop would be right.

1) Just yesterday, while leaning back to get my keys out of my pocket, my seat snapped and the "hinge" function is destroyed. The seat just flops backwards and if you grap it it will just swing back and forth. The gear mechanism that used to allow one to adjust the tilt with the side lever broke. The level is still there and it moves like its supposed to but its like the gear or mechanism came loose. Is this fixable and if so, by who? Auto body shop? Upholstery shop? Do I need a newer seat? This one is a bit worn since I have 140k miles on it. Do I junk yard hunt?

2) In the last week or so the power door lock was getting "sticky" on the driver door. One day it just stopped working on the driver door altogether. I had to start opening the back door and reaching up and opening the door from the inside. Curiously the key did NOTHING. I bought this X used from a Ford dealership and it only came with one key per set. Anyway... Well, something was going on inside the door because they other day the interior door handle snapped off in my hand and broke. It literally came off in my hand. Its not functional at all. Before the seat broke on me I was getting by, by rolling the window down and opening the door from the outside and the rolling up the window. This worked and the power locks worked strongly at every single point. Once again, what try of shop handles this? Body shop. Upholstery?

3) On a smaller scale, the center console lid stared to come apart months ago. 1st the leather split where my elbow sits. They the leather started coming up from around the front edge. I found an Ebay site where you could send your lid in and the would rebuild it. Well I took mine apart and there is an orange piece to the "sandwich" that was is about 10 pieces. In other words, not rebuildable. Now I have a big hole in my center console. Once again, Body Shop, upholstery??? What type of show handles this stuff.

Where can you find seats for an 2000 Eddie Bauer? Mine are the all in one bucket, without head rest or any logo. Same with the console lid? I have talked via phone to a few junk yards about the center console lid and they are not the very helpful type.

Very frustrated as this Explorer did just fine until I hit about $125k miles and they it just started falling apart right before my eyes. I own it outright, won't get didly for trade in and can't afford not would probably qualify for a new or newer car.

Any thoughts on the previous is greatly appreciated.

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I would say call a few more salvage yards. If you say you're interested in seats, interior trim pieces, doors and handle components, etc., they may be more inclined to help, thinking its a bigger sale. All this stuff you could get from a salvage yard a lot cheaper than having it "fixed" I would think.

I believe there's a recall on the seat issue.

Trying to help! :)

What happened to this thread: CLICK ME

Thanks guys. I willl check out the salvage yards and definitely look into the recall

Joe dirt ya got me buddy. I posted in two forums :dunno: . Guess I just freaked out because so many things have broken in the last month or so. I am disabled. I have five levels of my back fused, 3 lumbar and 2 cervical and they say I need 4 more. So, working on cars, which I used to love to do, is difficult for me.

BTW- My X is tan. Here is a pic with a piece of the pleather showing. To be honest, right now I could care less about color. If its intact let me know what you want for it.


Here is a shot from behind. Sorry, these are the only pix I have on this computer.


Recall 03S04 1998-2001 Explorer and Mountaineer Vehicles with High back seats. August 2003
In some of the effected vehicles, a bolt that attaches the seat recliner mechanism to the driver's seat back frame may fracture. In some instances the seat back may recline until it hits an object behind the seat or the rear seat cushion.

If you remove the side cover and lift the seat back covering you can see if the bolt is broken. It is a relatively simple repair but is best done by a dealer. You do not have to be the original owner. The dealer will repair it for free.

Hey I like the amp rack you have- nice setup!

No prob on the double post, someone will probably dump or merge the other one, this one was more eloquently written... :)

PM sent on the armrest...

Kriegen & scucci for the heads up on the recall. I believe I have another recall that has to do with the "SPEED CONTROL SYSTEM MODIFICATION". My X goes in the shop on Sat 1/2. Of course, no charge. I have a couple minor issues I might ask them about. Simple fixes that would take about 15 minutes but we'll see how they act and how strict they are with their "shop rate".

Joe I will let you know in a couple of days on that console lid. Would love to find the right color but doubt I will anywhere near that price. Probably could have it recovered and still come out ahead.

Thanks everyone.

My 92 had (has) that problem with my drivers seat, I decided that I wanted to change from my bathing suit back into my shorts while in there, and as I was leaning back, SNAP*SLAM the seat reclined all the way back, and doesnt lock anymore, you can just push or pull the back freely.

BTW, I also love your amp setup! How do those go heatwise? Do you have fans under them or something?

And yea, I would reccomend just buying a new console lid, you can get those on eBay I believe for like $30? I do also believe that theres a vendor on here that sells and repairs them...

Just wanted to update all folks on this thread. Thanks to some sage advice I got the seat back recliner bolt and the cruise control issue both fixed under recall. The process was typical dealer scuttlebutt but after having my X for two whole days they got the two simple issues fixed.

Joe Dirt has gone above and beyond with info about center console lids and I think I got the piece taken care of. Soon I will have an arm rest again.

I need to take the drivers side door panel off to assess the damage of the broken door handle. Seems like part of the mechanism in the door is hanging up and blocking the door from unlocking. I am hoping once its repaired I can get to the lock issue....will start on new post on that one.

BrianDye, the amps heat sink are fully exposed on the top (where the heat is) so there was no need for any fans. Its basically just a 1/2 MDF frame built to fit the amps and allow room for hookups and outputs. Slips on and is snug enough to hold itself. It covered in color matched carpet and makes what would be a sloppy install look clean. Never had any problems with heat and I have railed it. The 4 channel is a true 80x4 and the sub amp is 450x1. Nothing to terribly powerful but I wanted to keep the sub confined to the factory location which I did with the aide of a Q-Logic custom fit box. Let me know if you have any more questions as this is my area of expertise. Not seatbacks and console lids, lol.