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A/T won't shift with foot on gas


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April 3, 2006
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Edmonton, Alberta
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1993 Ford Explorer XLT
93 Ford Explorer XLT, Automatic.

Won't shift into gears with your foot on the gas. Once you hit 50-60km/h(30-38mph) the RPM's get higher, and you can even go all the way to redline without the tranny shifting. If you let go of the gas pedal, once the RPM's drop down to about 1500-2000, the tranny will shift.

The fluid was low, I topped it up numerous times while shifting the tranny from P to D a few hundred times, drove a bit, topped up again, after an hour of messing around the level is back to where its supposed to be, the tranny goes into gear smoother and a tad quicker from P to R or R to D, but the issue persists.

Doesn't make much difference between D and Over-D.

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As of about 4 hours ago I have the exact same problem... fluid level is good... changed about 6 months ago.... never a trans problem before... all fluids changed on a regular basis...

A good place to start is by checking the modulator...and then checking the torque on the bands.....

Many times when its not shifting with your foot on the gas, itll be a band issue, either broken or not tightened correctly.