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A work in progress


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February 11, 2005
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East Texas
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'99 Gold XLT
Hey guys! just thought I'd post a few pics of some of my mods. The pics aren't that great, due to the fact that my camera is kinda old and carpy!

She's a `99 XLT 2wd V-6 SOHC daily driver ,and I love her! LOL

Here's the gauge cluster from a `01 sport trac with a carbon fiber bezel:


My MAC intake. Coupled with a flowie 50 series SUV custom catback system, she sounds awesome, and has a noticeable power gain!


Hood scoops from JC Whitney.


Custom iequus gauge cluster in my center console.


I plan on doing a Bama chip when Uncle Sam sends me my check. ;)

Thanks for looking guys! I really love this forum!
Stay cool.

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looks good man... i like it

how did you put the gauge cluster in the center consol? could you take a pic of the gauges at night?

I used the console itself to make a template from cardboard, then once I got it fitting right, I cut the real one from diamond plate. It has 3 tabs on the top and sides bent at a 90 degree angle, drilled and tapped to hold it to the console.

I'll take a picture of it tonight, and if it turns out I'll post it.


I've seen the sport trac gauge cluster swap before but I've never gotten the details.. is it just a direct bolt-in for the 99Ex? I love the look of it vs the stock dull black.

Oh, good lookin' Ex!

looks great.

What information do the guages provide ?

also i have never found this out with the sport Trac...what color are they at night??? and you lost the correct milage the check engine light and when the door opened the gas cap light went off???

Why do you say he lost the CE light, and the gas cap light? It should all be there in the sport trac cluster you just have to change the mileage to match yours if you want.

As far as the mileage, I talked to someone in Austin , TX at the DMV headquarters, and was told that as long as I had a sticker in the door jamb showing the mileage when the cluster was changed, I was legal. I printed one myself, and that has worked fine.

This is a direct fit replacement, and is identical to the stock cluster in regards to the warning lights and such. My stock cluster didn't have a gas cap light, and neither does this one. At night it lights up green, although my local ford house can order replacements in blue.

As for the aftermarket gauges, they are water temp, oil pres. and voltage. I put a tee in the stock oil pressure sensor location so I could keep the stock sensorin place, as it does send info to the computer. The water temp sensor is located in the top heater hose. This works great except that it wont read when the ac is in the "off' or "max ac" positions, as the heater circuit isn't open. I could have put it in the stock location that controls the cluster gauge, but I wanted the stock gauge to work as well.