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A4Ld 4th - 3rd shift problem


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September 12, 2005
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Edmonton, Alberta
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91 XLT
I have a 91 X with shifting problems from 4th to 3rd.

When in OD the tranny shifts normally, but when I kick down to pass at freeway speeds (4th to 3rd) the tranny will feel like it went into neutral and the motor will just rev. When I release the accelerator the tranny goes back into gear. I can drive with it in 4th gear and it doesn't seem to slip it only does this on the down shift. If I drive in "D" the tranny will shift normally and never "misses" any down shifts, but of course it is not using 4th.

I know from reading the many posts on the A4Ld that the OD 's are weak in this tranny. I was wondering if maybe the problem could be in the servo or valve body?. I know the OD planetary and band are weak, but mine shifts into OD and operates there well, only the down shift is where it seems to have problems.

Any advice is appreciated



same problem mine had. glacier had me go through the valvebody and it did help some but didnt completely solve the problem.mine was a little worse though, if i had the shifter in od it wouldnt move just rev up, but in drive it would.would be interested in what you end up doing to fix it.

In the Transgo Shift Kit there is a tips page and one is a piece on adjusting the kickdown

A.) Follow cable from trans to adjuster
B.) Depress tab and push cable housing into adjuster 1/2"
C.) Road test: You must not have a 2-1 or 3-1 kickdown at 20 MPH
D.) Then pull cable housing out of adjuster 1/8" at a time until there is a 2-1 or 3-1 kickdown at 20 MPH
E. If kickdown is too hard to get pull cable out of adjuster anopther click or two

This fixed the kickdown problem I had after a valve body rebuild when the regular kickdown adjustment procedure didn't work