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April 7, 2003
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Virginia beach VA
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2003 limited 4.6 V8
this tranny has some issues
1. tranny starts off in 2nd gear hot or cold , unless u manually shift it into 1st
2. LONG delay when shifting from 1st to 2nd
3. when it does shift to 3rd and u hit the gas it will go back to 2nd
4. will lock into overdrive at 25mph if u floor the gas it wont downshift unless u stop .
5 sounds like excessive shifting like the tranny is confused.
6 the speed shows 10mph slower than im really going, the tranny was replaced maybe came from a ranger ? a junkyard tranny, gear ratio between tranny and rear is off ?

i have read the modulator and or the govenor may be a problem, if the govenor needs replacement how hard or a procedure to change it out . thx

the first thing i learned about my ex on this site is that the a4ld is junk. i bought 2 91 explorers for $200 cause both trannys were bad. this is how i got started here. i had mine rebuilt and ive got about $800 into it right now with a mild shift kit and new pump and front planetary. that is cheap. the problems you are explaining could be caused by any number of things. you will probably have to have it rebuilt and most people here will tell you it is not worth it. to be sure it will have to be torn apart. i was getting mine rebuilt when i got the call saying that it would need a new pump and front planet cause my pump had grenaded and all i had was neutral. :D good luck. you will find more than enough info on here to rebuild it yourself if you are capable.

the first thing i learned about my ex on this site is that the a4ld is junk

THAT IS FOR SURE !!!!! what was FORD thinking !!!

id love to put in a mustang 5.0 motor with and AOD will it fit ?

I would suggest that you read the stickies on the top of the transmission section called A4LD rebuild diary, A4LD valve body rebuild diary, Project Frankentranny. Check my signature for a couple of links which start with A4LD rebuild journal.