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A4LD Connectors, where are they?


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March 2, 2010
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Mount Olive, Alabama
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1991 Mazda Navajo
Hey everyone. I'm new to using forums and I'm not well read into vehicle maintenance, so please bear with me.
Recently replaced the engine in my '91 Mazda Navajo. Slung a rod, wasn't pretty. Anyway, here's my problem....
The 'darn' thing won't shift on it's own (auto transmission). I can shift manually from 1st to 2nd and can put it in reverse, but it will not shift automatically. From what my brother and I could figure out it's most likely a loose connection somewhere, we never had transmission problems before so it only makes sense that we simple missed a connector. The thing is that I can't figure out what wires to trace to find out.
I've been searching on here and can't find the answer. I would continue searching and learn more in the process but I'm about to start a new job and need my truck running again ASAP. So a speedy response would be greatly appreciated.

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Oh, the fluid is good by the way.

If you luck out Brooklynbay or another really good A4LD guy will post up, I have the M5 so I know nothing about the auto except it's, well, I guess the nice thing to say would be....probmatic?
But more to your question..... now bear in mind, this if from memory of hearing other's discussing it on here....but I think it's pretty much "on top". Really helpful right? I "think" there are some servo's on the side of the thing, maybe up by the bell housing? And I "think" if you follow the wires from that up you come to the main harness? But I'm just shooting in the dark here......trying to get you a "fast" response! LOL

MAYBE, look on the passenger side of the bell housing? I'm kinda thinking the wires to the servo's are INSIDE the thing....so that may not help..... but I think I've seem pics of a harness on the passenger side up on the upper part of the housing....hope that helps for now.... and that someone else can give you more detail, and RIGHT instructions! LOL

Dude, I have no idea if my 92 has the same set up but here's some picks with a clear view that may or may not get you in the ball park...

Hope it helps till someone with complete knowledge chimes in...


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As I understand it, the only shifts that are computer controlled are 3-4 and the converter lockup (tcc).

If you forgot to connect those connectors it would still drive but you would never get into overdrive (4th) and the converter would never lockup but you will still shift from 1 to 2 to 3.

If your not getting 1-2 shift at all then its a different issue than the connectors.


Did you remember to connect the vacuum hose to the modulator valve?

yes check the vacuum line and the vacuum modulator valve pull the line off the modulator valve and check the vacuum at this line and if it has none than you need to hook it back up on the intake

yes check the vacuum line i have circled it in red and the vacuum modulator valve in black check the vacuum at this line and if it has none than you need to hook it back up on the intake
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88bronco2 ur picture isnt showing up! it may be more help to the guy if it did just informing you =)

Welcome to this forum! A delayed 1-2 shift when it's cold is probably a sticking governor. A clogged filter or bad valve body gaskets could cause low hydraulic pressure which affects the way every gear shifts. Check the band adjustment as well as the kickdown cable. A bad modulator could cause shifting problems as well. Check the vacuum line for leaking transmission fluid.

Wow, thanks for all the help. I'm about to go outside in the rain and see what I can figure out (ah, brings back memories).
I'll post again once I fix it. Thank you all for the speedy replies and the 'welcome'.

Vacuum modulator location A4ld (e)

I'm attempting to fix my problem on my 95 Sport 4x4 with an A4ld (e) transmission. It won't engage 2nd gear while accelerating quickly unless I let off the gas. My uncle who is a mechanic said replace the vacuum modulator and not to replace the trans unless the gears wont engage completely... I can not find it. I purchased a rebuilt transmission with transfer case attached off of ebay earlier in the week... it's the same transmission but, there doesn't seem to be a modulator on it anywhere... or even a place where one be mounted. I was going to pull it off of the trans I just purchased and try swapping it with mine before I take it to a shop to have the whole thing exchanged.

After work today, I will take a detailed photo of the trans and would appreciate if someone can point out where it may be.

It's an a4ld(e) transmission. I checked the vin on Ford's website

You do have a 4R55E transmission. The 4R44E (also known as the A4LDE) was used in the Ranger.

But regardless, the transmission you have is electronic shift. So it does not have a vacuum modulator.

Thank you. I'm not a mechanic and am looking at other options with how to repair it without swapping it yet. I have a rebuilt trans and was hoping to be able to exchange something off the new one to keep the existing going a bit longer.

Thank you. I'm still curious as to why Fords website referred to my trans as an a4ld(e) under specs when I put the vin# in. I'll start referring to it as a 4r55e... anyway, I swapped the valve body with new solenoids and new gaskets last night... along with the trans filter. It is acting a whole lot better and shifts normally unless I'm trying to accelerate quick but, the response much quicker than it was before. Also, it doesn't slam anymore when putting it into drive or reverse. I used the old fluid in a pinch... I know that I shouldn't have done that and will replace it with new fluid and a bottle of lucas transmission additive this weekend. I will also leave the battery off for a day to let the ECM reset.

I know I'm probably posting in the wrong thread but really do appreciate getting replies. This website has been very helpful keeping this thing on the road at such high mileage. Thank you again.