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A4LD Does Nothing


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August 29, 2008
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Noob Here. Just picked up a 1991 Explorer today and the a4ld trans will not do anything. Put it in any gear and hit the gas and not diddly squat. Didnt really mess with it a lot today but I pulled the tranny cooler lines off and Im not getting and fluid out of them so it must not be pumping.

I am probably going to start pulling it apart tomorrow.

What are some things I should look for?

If it something cheap and simple ill fix it if not Im just going to pull it and throw it in the scrap pile where they belong and through a M5OD in there.

Just looking for the common problems to look for as I am taking it apart. Thanks for any help.

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Got plenty of fluid. Im going to pull the lines at the tranny tomorrow and run it to make sure the lines are not stopped up anywhere then I will pull the pan and see what it looks like then pull it out if I dont see anything there.

Connect a 0-300 PSI test gauge to the rear port to check the pressure (if there is any pressure). # 10 in my list of useful threads has more information.

Cool man. Thanks for the link. Good read. Ill see if I can run across a gauge and see what that shows.

Pulled it out yesterday. Before I pulled it out i pulled the pressure port plug and didnt have a lick of pressure there so I knew it was something to do with the pump. Pulled it out and started tearing out the pump and this is what I found.

First I noticed the scaring on the snout of the torque converter.

Then pulled the pump out and seen the inner pump gear that turns off the snout on the torque converter was cracked and stripped out on the inside.


So this explains why I didnt have a pressure anywhere.

Now should I fix it or just throw a 5 speed in it.

This happened on my 88. Replace the pump gears & the torque converter, and clean out the rest of the transmission. Do a thorough cleaning of the valve body, and the front cooler. Use a pump alignment tool to set the gears.

Im not even going to mess with it for it just to break again. I picked up some 5 speed stuff yesterday. Got a set of pedals, computer, master cylinder, and wiring harness for the 5 speed. I found a m5od I will probably pick up for $100 so im just going to swap a 5 speed in it and call it done.

Swapped the pedals yesterday. Just changed the brake pedal and put the clutch pedal into the old assembly still in the dash. It was aggravating but beats taking the dash out to change the entire assembly. Wasnt too too bad though.