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A4LD fix


March 30, 2008
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Mechanicsville, MD
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2006 XLT 4x4
hello i have a 1992 ranger extended cab. its 4x2 with a 3.0 v6. i belive it has the A4LD trans, which i have heard nothing good about. the trans is starting to go in it and i was wondering what the absolute cheapest fix was. it is a second vehicle for me, i also have a 2006 explorer which is my baby. i plan on driving the ranger to and from work daily to save miles on my explorer. what is the best way to do this, rebuild? replace? buy used? get rebuilt? i wish it was a manual as i hate older autos however i am stuck with it. so i have a wore out A4LD and a very small budget. as far as my mechanical knoweladge.. the trans is just about the only thing on a vehicle that i know nothing about. any suggestions ??

What kind of problems does it have? You could read the sticky threads on the A4LD such as the rebuild diary, the valve body rebuild diary, and Project Frankentranny. I have additional links in my list of useful threads, such as the Rebuild Journal, and Hank's A4LD rebuild thread.

its shifting very hard and after it warms up it wont downshift when in drive. for example if im doing around 60mph then i slow down to turn onto a side road when i get on the side road i go to hit the gas and it just boggs down because the trans is still in high gear. i have to put it in 2nd gear then back into drive to get it to down shift. i tried a new modulator and a fluid change. nothing has improved.