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a4ld help


February 4, 2009
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two questions for you rebuilders.1 what is the prefered method for removing the pin at the linkage shaft and i have no thrust washer under the center support,male side,my book says there should be one.this washer is selective so is it possible it was not installed due to output shaft endplay?as far as i can tell this trans has necer been rebuilt so it came from the factory this way?the washer on the front side of the support was a 3 peice needle bearing,torrington maybe?can the rear washer be left out if endplay isnt and issue?thanks for the help

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91 explorer but the trans has been replaced with a 93.the thrust washer behind the center support was not there on disassembly.how can this be?everything in the trans still looks mint.planetaries thrust washers, the only wear i can find is on the apply levers for od and intermediate bands.when checking endplay in the rear half of the trans what is best method if you dont have a spare center support to make a gauge?thanks for your reply brook

i am having difficulty getting the od piston back in the drum with the new seals.any tips or tricks for this?

Put the part in the freezer, then take it out, and put it into the drum. They make special freeze sprays, and lip seal installers, but you could try the freezer trick if you don't have anything else.