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A4LD Issues-Can you help?


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September 4, 2003
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Battle Ground, WA
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94' 4dr XLT
Just recently my tranny has starting acting up. When i first take off in the morning if i have it in OD it wont shift into 2nd until 4500rpm, no matter if im on it or not. If i shift it into 2nd manually it shifts perfect, whenever i want it to. If i manually shift it from 2nd to D occasionally it will just free rev, which then stops when i put it in OD. It searches around a little bit when it shifts into D eventually, i can feel the TC locking up really quick. After about a half of a mile down the road, its perfect, will solid shifts and no searching at all. Any ideas?

Sounds like a modulator valve. Run a quick search on the subject. They are not hard to check and replace. Just don't lose the little pin behind them.

Good chance of a governor sticking as well. A delayed or absent 1-2 shift when cold is about 90% of the time traceable to a stuck or sticking governor.