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A4ld .... lame


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January 18, 2009
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Visalia CA
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90 Ranger XLT
Ive got an A4LD from a 94 in my 92 XLT hooked up to my 4.0L. I am running 33x12.50's with 3.73 gears and 4 wheel drive of course. My problem is when I leave from a stop or just starting the truck and driving it does one of two things. Either it doesnt willingly want to shift out of first or it goes into first then a quick second gear to third and back to second. wondering what the flip and if I can replace a part to fix the damned thing.

Also ive got another tranny from the same truck that suddenly went into perpetual neutral. I gutted the housing and all the gears had their teeth and i didnt see anything wrong except there were a couple gouges in the inside of the housing yet nothing loose in there to cause it. nothing was gummed up and everything had really good lubrication still. nothing in the pan either. Maybe a neutral sensor? or maybe a vacuum problem? no clue here and i dont have money enough to just go ahead and replace the tranny for one that is gonna crap out on me in another year.... any suggestions? and info on main problems that occur with a4lds maybe i can work from there... any help would be greatly appreciated.

Gearing is part of the problem-- 4:56's are better for 33's. Did you check the vaccuum line and make sure it was ok? I can't think of what it is called but the little valve on the side... if you take it off and fluid comes out it is bad.

Mike....We can rebuild it....let me rephrase that....*I* can rebuild it.....call me, and I can pick up one of them, and I'll take care of it...


gears, and change the fluid and filter. i had 3.27s with 33s and mine acted the same way. youre probably heating the tranny up cause right now, it is under the impression that its towing a trailer.