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A4LD No Overdrive (4th gear) After Rebuild Kit


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February 27, 2008
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Hiram, GA
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93 XLT
I have a 1993 Ford Explorer 4X4 with the A4LD transmission. I installed a rebuild kit recently and everything seems OK except the Overdrive section does not engage when shifted into overdrive. When I shift to OD the vehicle tries to move the vehicle on level ground only but it is not engaging fully enough to drive the vehicle. I adjusted the OD band to two turns CCW from 10 ft-Lb tight that did not seem to change anything. I have a feeling that the reversing clutch in the OD section may be installed backwards, but I thought I installed it in accordance with the ATSG Technical Service manual (27Y02) instructions. The bearing has a larger OD lip (retainer) on one side than the other. I currently have the clutch installed with this large lip of the retainer facing outside the overdrive center shaft gear it rests into. Is there any definite way to tell if I have installed the one-way clutch backward? Would the other gears1-3 and reverse still work normally if I had the OD one-way clutch in backwards? Do you have any other suggestions of things I can check before I un-install the transmission again? Thanks for your help.

Is there a port on the transmission for the pressure test and is the pressure tested just by placing the selector in Overdrive even though it will not move the vehicle? What pressure readings should I expect to see on the pressure gauge?

Thanks for the help. Mikee