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A4LD, no overdrive


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March 9, 2005
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04 Escape XLT
Hello everyone. Interesting site. I hope you can help me. ;)

Overdrive on our 93 explorer no longer works. A4LD trans.

It shifts 1-3, weather I have it in D or OD. There is no engine braking in any range. Upshifts are a bit late. (1-2 at 32mph, 2-3 at 50 mph), at part throttle.
It seems to work normally otherwise, but when on highway at 100 kph, I can shift back and forth between drive and OD with no change in rev's. The rpm goes up if I touch the brake while keeping steady pressure on the gas - telling me that the torque conv. is locking and un-locking.

The trans was rebuilt in oct '03, about 26,000 kms ago.

I have already checked the following:
Trans oil is full and still bright red (hopefully indicating nothing is burnt)
Wiring between ECM and 3/4 shift sol. is good (resistance between pins 52 and 57 shows 27 ohms, like it should).
ECM is sending signal to 3/4 shift sol. when on highway (probed with meter and drove on highway).
Overdrive band is properly adjusted (re-adjusted as per mitchell shop manual), no change
Modulator valve holds vacuum, and is recieving vac signal. Vac line between eng. and trans. is not blocked and has no leaks. I removed modulator and tested it. The pin in the modulator sticks out 1/4 inch, and draws in at 18" of vac.
Kickdown cable is adjusted properly.

Trans rebuild is past warranty, but rebuilder is giving me advice over the phone.

Just posting here to see if I missed anything. Don't want to sink big money into this thing.
Will likely drop truck off at tranny place if I can't figure it out.

If I find out what is causing this, I will post my findings.

Thanks in advance for any replies....Sorry for the long post. :ca:

Ask the rebuilder if he put in a new "star washer" when he rebuilt it. These bend with age and open up clearances that eat up the overdrive clutch where they mesh. Either that or the planetary has broken a weld. If it is either of these you will begin to see the results in the pan in a couple of K. I've seen these grind away for 20K and not have any other problem other than no OD. Rebuilt isn't new. Just an old reansmission with new seals and clutches.

looks like the trans has to come apart.....
Traded it in............