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Solved A4LD opinions. A Sure-Seal bushing was installed in the bellhousing.

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February 19, 2014
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1992 Ranger 4.0 2wd
Ok, so I'm in the middle of rebuilding my A4LD out of my 1992 Ranger, done all the updates/upgrades. I'm looking at the pump bushing and it doesn't seem to inspire much confidence so I'm going to change it. Now I know the new one needs to be finished in place, but recently came across this....

...looks as though this does not need to be finished in place. Anyone had any experiences with the SureSeal Bushings, or opinions?

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You should contact the manufacturer or look at their website. They might have a Q & A section. As far as I know, all pump bushings should be machined into place unless this is some sort of new design which doesn't require it.

Yes I've been through their web site but have not seen any further info on it. Guess I'll give them a call tomorrow. I will let you guys know what they tell me. Looks like another interesting and worthwhile upgrade to me.

I emailed customer service and this is the response that I received.....

The 56001SS is ready to install and doesn’t not require to be “finished in place”.

The instruction sheet for that item can be viewed at our web store at


Dale Williams

Customer Service / Sales


.....this product is going to save us a few bucks and alot of grief. I will definitely be installing one of these in mine.

Thanks for posting this valuable information. The link to this thread is in # 127 in my list of useful threads. Let us know how it works out. I wonder if this bushing or a similar one will work in the 4R & 5R transmissions.


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I hope to have it back together and in the truck running in a couple of months. I will keep you guys posted.

Well the fitzall bushing is installed, made sure to drill the relief hole from 1/4 to 5/16 and chamfer it for better flow. For added insurance I used PERMATEX 24163 surface prep along with LOCTITE 609 retaining compound when installing the pump seal. For those unfamiliar, LOCTITE 609 is an anarobic sealer/retaining compound that is rated for 500 degrees and 3000psi holding strength. I have used it when installing any sleeves, bushings and/or press fit bearings throughout this transmission. The seal was staked in and overall I'm happy with the whole assembly.

Once I get my HIGH ENERGY bands, BORG WARNNER frictions, and ALTO power pack, then I'll start to assemble this beast.

For those of you that are interested I have put a number of fun little upgrades in this unit.
Transgo shift kit, Superior shift kit, all the Sonnax upgrades (too numerous to list), billet pump gears, ZF servos, and soaked everything in TRIPAK metal treatment.
Future plans include a remote transmission cooler, transmission temp gauge, larger remote transmission cooler with fan, and a larger capacity transmission pan.

Not racing or 4 wheeling the truck.... just doing it cause I can! :D

Well its all back together and I've been driving it for awhile... no leaks, the SureSeal bushing works like a charm and best of all no having to send the bellhousing out to have the bushing machined in place. I would highly recommend it to anyone rebuilding a transmission.

Thanks for the update! The title of this thread was updated, and is now marked solved.