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A4ld Overdive issue, please help

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So any method specifically for removing the pan with the fluid in it?

Front or back first

Does not matter, in my experience (I've dropped my pan 4 times). But first put a plastic drop cloth under your truck, if you don't want tranny fluid on the surface of your shop floor. I have never been able to do this job without making a mess underneath. Just loosen the nuts more at one end than the other, and you'll be able to get some fluid to drain. But eventually you just have to take all the nuts off, while holding the pan to the tranny with one hand and working the nuts with the other. BTW, the pan becomes heavy from this effort. Then you just let it come straight down while trying not to spill fluid at the same time. I have not been successful in this endeavor! Have fun.:usa:

I just thought of something, shouldnt I be able to pull a line from the cooler and drain the tranny by letting it pump itself out? I wont get 100% of the fluid of course, but shouldnt it at least clear out the pan?

well i disconnected the cooler line and pumped the fluid out of the pan into a plastic bin.

Fluid color was red, but it was at the point where it was getting dark/dirty.

Didnt pull the pan though, Im guessing Ill need a new pan gasket?

And on that note I believe than tranny pan gasket doesnt use any kind of sealant.

Hi guys, I just found your forum the other day. I have a 92 exp 4.0 AT. I am having a similar issue, it shifts in and out of OD continuously. The tranny was rebuilt about 40K ago, I dropped the pan to find what I believe to be a 2WD filter (no drop tube pickup) and also that one of the band adjusters had loosened up and walked itself out about 3 turns. Nothing came apart inside the tranny so I readjusted it and locked it down (thanks to info from your forum) and put in a new filter and fluid (before I dropped the pan I ran Trans-Tune in it for about 10 miles) If the rear is jacked up, it will hit all gears just fine but when driving down the road it wants to shift in and out of 4th. Any thoughts? Thanks to all of you for making this information available, it is a wonderful resource!


Still working on the issue here. Gonna drop the pan here soon hopefully...

Ive got some new fluid for it too, if I dont see anything out of the ordinary in the pan.

Didnt get a chance to drop the pan.

Did get a chance to pump 4.5 quarts (presumably from the pan) into a plastic container....

Man it was dark. Smelled kinda bleh too. Didnt see much in the way of any metal particles as well. I saw about 20 small silver flakes on the bottom of the plastic container when I emptied it of old fluid.

Im not thinking thats of concern, unless that means my pan magnet is full of junk and cant grab any more.

4.5 quarts of new fluid went in...still had 1-2 trouble and no OD. 1-2 came back when hot (governor or band?) and the OD position works fine in every gear besides 4. TCC locks and unlocks fine.

If Im cruising in OD position where 4th should be and let off, it drops to idle :( , if I shift back into D from OD while moving, I can feel it do something (switch which clutches its using?)...

Someone help me make some sense of this. :(

Do I have to buy new lock nuts if I want to adjust the bands?

I think mine does something similar when I let off at highway speeds it seems to drop close to idle. Already adjusted the bands and no difference. My fluid was nice and magnet had very little on it. Not much black film in the pan either. ??????

It shouldn't matter which end, as long as the fluid has something to go into.

Running without OD should not have any negative effects other than lower fuel mileage And slightly more wear.

288k, welcome to the higher mileage club.

We'll see if I cant get it healthy again without much $.