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A4LD Pan Gasket


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January 12, 2007
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Saginaw, MI
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1986 Ranger
I wanted to get some options of something I found with my transmission.

I replaced the transmission filter and gasket not long after I got my 1986 ranger.

The pan gasket was not cut out for the servo return passages.


I found another single solenoid (1st gen) A4LD and with the information I mostly found here I rebuilt it myself (thank you to everyone here)

But back to the pan gasket what do you think? Any problems it could have caused.

I have also disassembled the transmission that was in my Ranger. I did find some problems besides the pan gasket. It had been rebuilt before.

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Well when I got my Ranger I suspected the transmission had been worked on in the past. After I tore it down I knew it had.

The problems I was having were;
1. The first time I used reverse every day it banged in kinda hard.
2. When it would shift into second it hit a little hard ... not really a problem
3. The biggie no 4th gear
4. The torque converter lock up would kick in and out, would start engaging at 45 mph
5. No passing gear
6. Front seal was leaking some ... not real bad
7. Rear seal leaking

I fixed Number 7 by replacing the seal

I took care of Number 5 by replacing a bad kick down cable ... I need to get another one again

What I did for Number 4 was to add a toggle switch. One end to trans connector other to ground

The transmission I rebuilt still hunts but starts engaging at 40 mph

Number 3 I found a thrust washer a little chewed up ... I should have took a pic ... I will later ...
And some scoring on the overdrive one way planetary housing

Thing is I have put about 30,000 miles on it since 2004 ... think I have been lucky. I put a lot of highway miles (in third) on it this year 2007.

That was all on the A4LD that was in it.

I found another A4LD and rebuilt it myself. (interesting story but just did what you need to do to fix a A4LD...tell you what I did if you want)

It is working great

I just need to replace the kick down cable (the adjustment part froze up)

And the lock up converter hunts (engages and disengages) I think it stays locked at highway speeds.

I have 2 toggle switches now to control it manually
1 to complete the circuit to the ECM (I just wanted to be able to unlock the converter if I had to)
The 2nd one will ground out the TCC any time I want ( when it hunts I just flip the switch and it will stay locked)

When I rebuilt this A4LD I drilled and put 1/8" pipe thread into the casting by the governor, so if I want I can add a pressure switch to control the TCC.

I might have to add a vacuum switch and brake switch cut out switch to finish out that control system.

I know the hunting of the lock up converter is a computer issue.

I did not know that.
I have at least 3 different ones (TPS)
They have all been on there at one time or another ... no change

No I haven't pressure tested either transmission ... I need to see if I have a high pressure gauge some where so I can do that.

but talking it out could help

It is a 1986 with a 2.9 Super Cab

There was a EGR pipe (system) on it but it was rotted out so I used 1987 4wd parts to block it off.
I do get a code from it ... not sure what it effects ... runs pretty good
Hope im not in limp mode ... running full rich
I was getting about 22mpg on the highway ... in third (remember no forth gear)

I can tell im getting better mpg since changing the transmission ... but I haven't had to get very far on the highway yet.