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A4LD - Planetary Blew up


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May 20, 2002
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06 F150 SC 5.4
Alright short story behind it, that 6 pinion planetary that replaces the 4 pinion one when i had the first rebuild done, exploded. It took out much of the internals in the transmission and now im looking around locally for an A4LD. Basically since some parts in my transmission are fine and have just been replaced on the previous rebuild. The transmission guy is gonna take the guts of another a4ld (which i have to find) and put them in mine with the good parts from mine.

When the pan was taken off, the whole cup sorta shape in the bottom was filled with metal. (pictures coming on monday)

Im just wondering what price i should expect for an a4ld from like a wreckin yard?

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A few hundred bucks? I bought a rebuilt 5 speed manual trans for my 1994 XL 2wd $700. So you should be able to get a decent automatic from a junkyard, used, for half that. Not sure though... Good luck on that :)

thanks lol, i dont think the tranny i get needs to be working so hopefully i can get a good deal.

Never bought one from a salvage yard, but there are a ton of A4LDs in them. Don't pay much for one as they are all bad (alomost all) Want mine? Just come to AR and pickit up. Its laying out in the yard after 3 rebuilds. I replaced it with a C5.

lol thats a wee bit of a drive aint it, do you know whats wrong with it?

Just a short drive from AK to AR....at 360 miles an hour.....:D (Don't drive 360 miles an hour) No I don't know this time. It was working fine. I stopped at a light and when I went to go again something major snapped (loud bang and a jump). It had no gears after that. After ford rebuilt it and I did it twice, I decided no more. Thats as last spring the last week of school.

I do know that when we were rebuilding it before there were a ton of bad A4LDs in salvage yards to get hard parts out of though. It don't know about up there, but here there is.

Mine blew when i went in reverse, i was driving up a snow bank, like a foot tall one, and then got a bit up, then put it in reverse and clunk clunk grind.

I am kind of excited to see the damage on monday, since it supposidly is real bad. The drum in it or something like that was toast too from the planetary exploding and the output shaft. Im not sure exactly if that is correct, since i was told a huge list of things.

Im going with my buddy (whos taking care of this) on monday to see it and ill ask em about getting one from a scrap yard or what not. I hope the tranny guy doesnt charge too much though.

I just called several yards today, prices range from 500 to 800 canadian.

Im really starting to like your offer there brian lol.

I live up by Flint MI, not too far depending on where in Ontario you are. I called last week looking for on to swap on mine so i could drive on one and rebuild the other. Prices were $350 - $450 US. The place that quoted 350 had 3 from explorers.

The one place it was $750 canadian, looked rebuilt, but the guy there was a jerk. Now i ended up finding out my nieghbor has a 91 explorer eddie baur that we may buy off him, since he was going to get rid of it.

Also the planetary that blew was for reverse... the one gear i was nicest to! I actually saw it and the planetary is missing a couple gears and the pinions they were on. Also the shell around them had several dents or chunks gone. Another part was pretty much shredded as well. Ill get the parts back soon and post some pics, first time this guys seen this planetary go.

If you look in the A4LD Rebuild Diary, you will see where the rear planetary in it had suffered a little problem as well. Probably will look a lot like yours... Another route instead of buying another trannie is to buy the parts needed, used, and re-use the rest of the "guts". You would probably only need a rear shell, the rear planetary and carrier (and thrust washers etc)... there is a guy that sells used A4LD parts online... I can find and get you his email if you like....

Thanks anyways, i think ill be getting the other explorer for parts, tranny was just rebuilt in it so that one should do the job.