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A4LD problems continue...

Eliot Bolz

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September 5, 2018
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Ann Arbor
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91 Explorer Eddie Bauer
I've been having issues with my 91 explorers A4LD since I bought it. Pretty sure it's never shifted into 4th gear.

If I remember correctly the A4LD has 1-4 and OD (TC Lockup).... Currently I run around 3K rpms on tac while driving 65mph. It could be wrong as speedo is off by a few mph...? Anyways a few months ago I removed valve body and replaced both Trans solenoids flush ect no fix.

This leads me to believe no 4th gear but I'm still very unsure.

I have been reading about vaccum module on transmission and kick down cable. Not sure if those things would affect higher end shifting.

Any help is of great value. Thanks

Fluid level is first thing, check fuses. It seems that 4th gear is working because in 3rd gear at 65 mph the RPMswould be higher than 3k. Sounds like your TCC is not engaging. That would lower the RPMs around 3-4 hundred to put you in the 2400-2500 RPM range. There are many other inputs that influence the lock up circuit. Here are a few that if not working correctly will cause erratic or no operation of the TCC. Good luck