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A4LD Question


July 8, 2007
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Apache Junction, Az.
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1993 limited
After reading many posts am I on the right track ? I have 1993 Ex 4x4 with the A4LD the problem is the delayed 1st to 2nd shift when cold. ( I'm thinking governor ) I have been shifting it manually for the past couple of weeks until it gets warmed up then it shifts fine. My question now is lately it feels like it is going into neutral when I shift from 2nd to drive or OD. I have to put it back into 2nd a little longer then back to drive and then OD.

Is it still the governor or do I have other problems ???

Here is just some more info.....Truck has 251K miles never been rebuilt. I let it warm up for 5 mins. before driving. When I put it back into 2nd to keep it moving I hold it till about 45 mph for about 1 mile then into drive and OD. After doing this it shifts fine and I don't have to do this again until it sits for awhile.

If problem is governor is it better to replace with new or just clean and add the 35mm weight ??


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Help !!! Update

Oh well trans. died today on way home from work. Lost all drive including reverse.

Now what??? rebuild? What will it cost to do this myself? I just called a local shop for a price on a rebuilt tranny. $695.00 includes converter. ( I install ) or plus $395.00 ( they install )

Is this a good price? ( I planned on installing it )

What do you suggest I do?

HELP !!!!


Thanks BrooklynBay,
Shop claims they rebuild, upgrade, anything that the trans. needs to fix it back to original specs. I did call them and ask if its just a soft rebuild they said yes and no because if there was other things broken they do repair them also all for the same price.
They did say its warranted for two years unlimited miles plus once I put it in the said bring it by the shop and they would check it all out to make sure its working correctly.

Seems like a good deal. I'm pretty sure this is what I'm going to do.

Thanks again.

Some of the hard parts could cost several hundred dollars total to replace such as the one way sprags, drums, planetaries, etc. Maybe they have a source for used transmissions that they pull parts out of? Check to see if this shop is registered with WWW.ATRA.Com.

Thanks BrooklynBay,
I did what you said and they were not registered with ATRA or the BBB but had 45 complaints, so I stayed away. I ended up getting a used one. I'm back on the road and everything seems to be working great.

Thanks for the update! Where did you see a listing for the complaints other than the BBB? How many miles does the used transmission have? You could rebuild the old transmission yourself, and save it as a spare.

I called the BBB they told me about the complaints.
Got the used transmission from Midwest Transmission distributors. They sell all over the country. They claim it came out of a 91 ex with 90k miles. They only give 90 day warranty on it, that is one disadvantage. When I changed the filter everything was real clean looking inside, fluid like new. It must have been rebuilt in the past, there was 5 stake marks on the frt. seal. Is that correct meaning of the stake marks??
Yeah that's my plan, on rebuilding the old one. I always wanted to take apart a transmission, here's my chance.