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A4LD Questions/Problems/Recommendations


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November 18, 2009
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I really want to make sure that I repair the right thing on my

Transmission so I am posting this AGAIN. It is a A4LD on a 1994 Ford

Explorer 4X4.

I am not questioning the expertise on the forum however, with mixed

responses from multiple sources, I want to verify before starting the


I have been told that the problem is:

1. The Governor
2. Could be the Torque Convertor
3. Although not likely, it could be the Modulator.


I recently installed a 1992 A4LD transmission that was recently

rebuilt: I don't know if the Torque Converter was replaced at that

time. The only difference between the one removed and the new one is

the Modulator. The original Modulator was not adjustable and the one

on this transmission is.

When the vehicle is cooled down, it intermittently is reluctant to

shift i.e. It will start out in first but seems to lack power. The

same is true when it is cold however, it is not intermittent, it simply

lacks go-power. It takes more RPM than normal. It slowly shifts to

second, third. I can punch it and force it to shift although not

always successful. If it does shift it will then shift normally until

it sits for a little while and has the opportunity to cool down.

If I warm up the vehicle to normal operating temperature before

driving, the transmission will shift normally. One again, it may or

may not shift correctly when it has the opportunity to cool down a


Only thing I noted beside this is:

When I open the hood, when cold, I hear what appears to be a vacuum

leak in the area of the EGR Valve. To be honest with you, I don't know

if this is normal. I don't fully understand how the vacuum is created

so any input in this area would also be helpful.

What I have learned is:

1. I know how to replace the Modulator and watch for the pin.
2. I also know how to replace the Governor however, "Whatever It

Takes" Transmission parts (WITTrans.com) lists a number of Governors so

I have been told to remove the old one and identify which is installed.

This is questionable from my perspective since I have to literally take

the transfer case off, remove the govener, and order and wait for a

3. It has also been recommended that I replace the 30mm Weight with

the Sonix 35mm weight.

I am willing and capable to do all that is recommended however without

confirmation I am hesitant for the following reasons:

1. If the governor will cure the problem great however, If it is not

the governor I will have wasted my time and had a lengthy down time

waiting for the part.
2. Additionally, if it is not the governor and it turns out to be the

torque convertor I will have to do the same process again but have to

remove the tranny on top of this.
3. I have not mentioned the modulator since I am going to replace that


What I am asking for:

Confirmation of what I need to replace before I begin and/or the

procedure to verify the problem before I tear it down. Additionally,

if someone can verify which governor to order without first removing

the one installed would be of significant assistance.

Thanks In Advance.

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hey there. if you hear a vacuum sound near the 'octopus', then check that all the hoses are connected. feel the ends of the hoses, or look, and see if there's fluid or wetness. if so, that's transmission fluid from a break in the modulator valve. does your transmission need fluid? check that while hot, cause it may be losing it through the broken valve. also, when you start the car, the fluid may blow the hoses off, with fluid splatter. i'm about to change my valve after i get my starter question answered.

A4ld Problem.

I just sent email to WIT.

I have checked the vacuum lines and not found any problems or wetness however, I will check again.

Fluid level is fine.

Will let you know tommorrow if I find anything.

Thanks for the help.

A4ld Problem.

Could not find any vacuum leaks. I still need to get under the car but rain and cold is holding me up.

Called WIT. They couldn't tell me which govenor to use. They tried to connect me to Steve Atwell but no answer.

Will call again on Monday.

Had another person contact me and they said it might be a servo inside the tranny.

Add more confusion to the fire. For now, I am going to stick with the vacuum and govenor.