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A4LD Rebuild Not Working


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April 25, 2009
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Hi all. I have an 89 Ranger 2x4 w/ 2.9. I just rebuilt the transmission with new frictions, steels, bands, servos, torque converter and flushed the cooler.
When I put it in reverse, fine. Put it in overdrive, slipping. Pull it down into 1st and it pulls fine and shifts up when I shift it up. Put it in drive and it will shift up fine. Put it back in OD and it won't go unless I shift it down. I adjusted bands to 10 in lbs and backed off 2 turns. Any ideas? Thanks for the help, chris.

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did you hook up the kick down cable an adjust it. is the vacuum modulator new an hooked up to manifold vacuum. a small leak in the hose could cause a problem.

Modulator is hooked up and so is kickdown. Now for adjusting the kickdown, no. How is that done correctly?

Sounds like you installed the low one-way clutch backwards. When you place the shifter in the overdrive position, the transmission relies on the one-way to hold for forward movement in first gear. In manual first gear, it applies the low/reverse band, negating the need for the low one-way clutch. Once the transmission shifts into second gear, it no longer needs the one-way or the band.

So if that's the case, OD will not work until I flip that around, correct? Is there a test I can do to confirm this before I tear all this out again? Pressure test or something?

I don't think so. The overdrive not holding sounds like another issue. If the transmission is totally slipping once it tries to shift into overdrive, then it would have to be loosing pressure to either the forward or direct clutches when it is trying to apply the overdrive band. Possible causes would be the servo for overdrive is torn, or the band didn't get seated correctly and the servo is overtraveling. If you were able to get the overdrive band to torque down, then it is probably seated correctly. The band anchor could have broken off the band also, I suppose. Not very likely though.

What does it do if you pull it into Drive? Will it pull or does it slip from a stop?

Does it completly slip once it tries to apply overdrive? Like it is in neutral, or like it is trying to apply overdrive but is still pulling in drive and slipping a little?

:( Looks like it's coming back out....yay... Nothing like a re-rebuild. Maybe I'll take pics for those interested.