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a4ld rebuild web site info


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February 19, 2008
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Flowery Branch , Georgia, 1994 sport 2wd auto
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2005 colorado 2wd 5spd
thought i'd share this web site....i was going through my favorites on my computer and remembered i saved the web site .for anyone with transmission problems and or wanting to convert the 700r4 to run in the explorer this may be a good web site to get a idea on either what some parts look like or upgradeing performance for thier a4ld this maybe worth a look :).


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...Subscribing...:shifty_ey ...For future reference...:D

Very nice sir. Actually this solves a problem of mine, was wondering about the 700r4 swap, I know Maniak has it, but this is cool. Has the kit and everything right there, while I still might go my own way, at least I know where I can get it if need be.

...Now if some one could show me wear the test port is I could hook up a pressure guage to monitor...:scratch:

...glad yall found it worth a look .not sure where they are located tho ...somewhere in the central states i gather.