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A4LD Removal Question


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May 28, 2010
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Long Island, NY
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94 XLT, 99 5.0L AWD
Evening folks,

Just started my first A4LD rebuild and just have a quick question, although I'm sure there will be more as I move along... I've got the Haynes and ATSG manual, and have reviewed pretty much each invaluable posting on rebuilding these suckers. SO, hopefully forwarned is forearmed!

Both manuals mention jacking the engine up (slightly) and the transmission down to gain access to the upper bellhousing bolts. Is there a guideline as to how far you can angle down the engine without overstressing the engine mounts? Also, can you reach the upper bolts from underneath or do you have to do them from above?

As an FYI, this is a 1994 Explorer, so the upgrade manual of 100 pages is going to be a JOY to correlate with all the docs from the base model in the rebuild! :rolleyes:

Thanks for all your previous posts and your support!


p.s. this thread folllows my posting from last year entitled, "A4LD Slow/Fast Spiral of Death" lol

We have always just removed the tcase and then allowed the transmission to lay on a jack which allows you to let the jack down to angle the transmission down.

If you do that it will angle enough or it did in our case and we had mine out about 7 times.

Perfect, Burns! Really appreciate the reply! How's the Lime-X doing? Looks pretty cool

BTW, 7 TIMES?!? Do you buy rebuild kits by the dozen? :)