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a4ld...reverse but no forward gears


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May 17, 2009
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Pleasantville, iowa
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1994 4-door xlt 4x4
...so i just 20 minutes ago put my truck in the garage drove fine did everything perfect... then i had to use it to go jump a friend not 2 miles down teh road...on teh way tehre i lost all forward gears... it goes into reverse fine (made an interesting drive back down the road atleast its all gravel lol) but now still i have no forward gears. i checked the fluid its a bit low waiting to get more fluid and see if it helps it...but if not what could be other causes of this issue?

would beign low on trans fluid cause the lose of forward and not reverse? to past experience reverse and drive neither worked if it was low on fluid?

well i was checking fuses and such and found out my eec fuse blown...so tracing that problem... well as u could guess led to the trans... the smaller plug that is closest to the bellhousing (has the 2 or three prongs) is the reason my eec fuse blown...when i disconnected it my fuse stayed and the truck ran...and as soon as i plugged it in the fuse blew and the truck died... i dont really weanna tear the pan off without having some sort of idea where my preoblem lays... could this be related to me losing drive gears?

well i pulled the pan... and sure enough the 3-4 shift solenoid is burned...no biggy got a spare still... but its the metal shavings i found in the pan...


im sure this contributes to the loss of drive gears.... idk what to do at this point im far from comfortable tearing into the trans intest to rebuild it... i can will do the vb but thats as far as i can go... any ideas guys? what could these shavings be from? there wasnt any noise any grind anything at all...am i screwed and yet again need another trans or a rebuild or is there a possibility it can be something mild...reverse works fine...when i shift it into drive and any other forward gear it acts like its in neutral...no grab and slip..no engagement... it kills me to say this but i think im to the point of selling my X even tho i just put all the time and money into the lift and axles and all that...i just dont know what to do... i wanna keep my ex but if every used tranny i put in is gonna last me 100 miles im done for and cant afford to rebuild one... thanks in advance...