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a4ld Reverse


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August 1, 2006
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St. Cloud, Florida
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1991 Explorer XLT
1991 Explorer 4wd 4 door a4ld tranny.

I have searched the forums for the same problem I am having and no luck. I have less than 2,500 miles on complete rebuild. All forward gears are working fine as well as 4 wheel drive. When I put selector in reverse there is a very loud sound like that of a playing card stuck in a bicycle wheel and no reverse. After shifting into drive or back to park and retrying reverse it might work or return to the loud sounds again. I am just trying to get a little of a handle on this problem. Tranny shops around here want to tare down and rebuild first. Sometimes it works each and every time. Any suggestions would be on the top of my thankful list........I love this site, so much info and everthing I have tried has worked.

Check the low/reverse servo for chips. The band could be checked with a long screwdriver to see if it has spring action. The shift fork or shift rail in the transfer case might be the issue, and not the transmission.

Part time Reverse

Hey thanks for the reply, been out and down with Kidney stones.....I have found that if i turn on 4 wheel drive and low lock that reverse works every time. Only when all 4 wheel is off does the problem arise. There is a very bad grinding sound and no movement of vehicle. I have never done tear down on trans. case and would not know what to look for as a problem. This does not happen all of the time. Any idea as to what to look for would be great help.

Cold in Florida....