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A4LD servo springs missing


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September 14, 2009
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93 sport
Hi Im attempting to rebuild my first transmission. My friend gave me the A4LD out of his wrecked Bronco II. Im building it to put in my Ranger its transmission quit pulling in d and r so I figer it not worth building. I got the Bronco II transmission torn down and found none of the servos have the springs. I searched and found that some reverse servos did not have springs. The od and interm servos do not have springs eather. I dont know if the trans has been built before and they left them out for a firmer shift. My A4LD manual shows springs in all the servos. Should I order the springs when I order the rebuild kit or just leave them out. Thanks for any info.

You need a spring behind each servo piston. The overdrive & intermediate springs are different even though they look the same (except for the color).