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A4LD servos, levers and springs


November 30, 2009
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I'm currently rebuilding an A4LD and I have parts available from three different transmissions. The intermediate and overdrive servo diameters were the same in all (AB and BB) and the bands were single wrap, so no choice there. Anyhow, there were 3 kinds of servo apply levers: G,E,A (applying force ascending). Two of the boxes had A in the OD and E in the intermediate but one had G in both. Which to use, is bigger always better? The car is a small rwd two seater that weighs 2500 lbs with the driver so the transmission should have a relatively easy life.

Also, there is something in the shift kit leaflets to the effect that softening the servo return spring gives harder shifts? My reasoning tells me that it must be marginal, but is it? I was under the impression that a larger diameter servo requires a stiffer spring to help it retract as fast but the spring does very little in the apply stage.

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Let's start with where FORD chose to put these.

The E in the intermediate was used behind a 2.3L reg & Turbo and 2.9 in 88, 89 and 90. By 91 they had switched to a D. The G was used there onl;y behind the 2.3 in the late 80's and once behind a weak 2.8L.

In OD, well, let's just say GO A!

Consider upping the servo sizes as well. You minorly up the chance of band failure but increase insurance against slipppage if you have a heavy foot.

OK, so I' m most likely going A and E. These transmissions came from Ford Scorpio 2.9 '87, 2.0 '91 and 2.9 '92. The 2.0 had this "G and G" setup and one less plate in the intermediate and reverse clutch (it also had a 1 solenoid VB despite being '91).
Anybody have information on the servo springs? The ATSG manual didn't discuss this subject any more than it does about other performance improvements ;)

For the A lever in the OD position I'd use the green one (83DT-AA) and using the E lever in the intermediate, I'd use the Orange one if your displacement is under 2.9 (Ford 74DT-7D028 AB) or if it is under that you might also use the same green one as the OD above.