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a4ld shifting

lynard skynyrd

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December 22, 2004
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saukville wisconsin
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'92 eddie bauer
Hey everybody, I just a a question about the way my a4ld shifts. I was wondering if i should be able to feel it shift from 1-2 upshift. I can feel it when its cold sometimes but not warm. Same shifting under hard and easy accelaration. thanks for the help

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Welcome to this forum! A sticking governor usually causes a delayed 1-2 shift.

no its not delayed im just wondering if i should be able to feel it shift.

It depends upon the hydraulic pressure. More pressure will feel like a firmer shift. The 4.0L A4LD uses a high ratio boost valve with a little more boost than the 3.0L model.

so does that mean that it should be a firm shift because most of the time its not

Fluid dynamics, and clutch materials are different at colder temperatures than at hotter temperatures.

so when the transmission warms up should it be shifting so softly that I cant even feel it? I would like a firm shift. Would a shift kit make a difference?

You could try a shift kit, and a high ratio boost valve with O rings from Sonnax. They could be purchased from WWW.TransmissionPartsUSA.Com.

Here is the link to the boost valve: http://www.transmissionpartsusa.com/A4LD_Large_boost_valve_kit_with_o_rings_p/400-05694702k.htm
This is a Transgo shift kit: http://www.transmissionpartsusa.com/FORD_A4LD_Shift_kit_1985_on_p/500-000023933.htm
This is an end plug kit with O rings: http://www.transmissionpartsusa.com/A4LD_Valve_body_end_plug_kit_1985_95_p/400-05694714k.htm
This is the viton D ring kit for the low/reverse servo piston: http://www.transmissionpartsusa.com/A4LD_4R44E_5R55E_reverse_servo_D_ring_kit_p/230-00023256k.htm
These are high radius relief valves: http://www.transmissionpartsusa.com/A4LD_4R44E_high_radius_relief_valves_p/400-01000002k.htm
This is the manual valve index sleeve: http://www.transmissionpartsusa.com/A4LD_Manual_valve_index_sleeve_p/400-005694701.htm
This is a TCC screen: http://www.transmissionpartsusa.com/A4LD_TCC_screen_1985_94_p/230-00023330a.htm
This is the low/reverse servo cover gasket: http://www.transmissionpartsusa.com/FORD_C3_A4LD_reverse_servo_cover_gasket_p/230-000023128.htm
The only other things you will need are the filter (get a micro felt), fluid, 2 valve body gaskets (regular or heavy duty), and a pan gasket (best not to use cork). You could install a drain plug in the pan (optional).