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A4LD spewing fluid from top?


February 27, 2008
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'94 Sport
94 A4LD.....

I've got fluid leaking from the top of the bellhousing ocassionally. I was thinking front pump seal at first but not sure how the fluid would end up on top of the tranny leaking down.

Found out about a vent line that goes from the rear of the tranny, follows up to the top of the bellhousing and exits to the side of the tranny.

You think I could have fluid leaking out from this vent tube?


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it's a possibility it's coming from that vent tube. Did you add trans fluid latley? Could be coming from your dip stick tube. If it's a front seal it could be getting on the TC and flinging up there.

if it's coming from the vent tube, what would cause that?

And if it is the front pump seal, how would it fling to the outside of the tranny? is there a vent hole or something around the bellhousing that I'm not seeing?

The front seal blow out problem is a common issue on the A4LD. Check your coolant level. Low coolant or a bad fan clutch could cause the transmission fluid to boil out from the front seal. Other possibilities are a bad front seal, worn pump bushing or a cracked flexplate to crankshaft spacer. Bad governor rings could cause fluid to blow out of the vent hole.

I'd guess 95% that you are blowing fluid out the vent. Unless it is an overfill, it is probably an overheat situation.

so overheating would cause blowing fluid out the vent? I've got 2 stocker tranny coolers on there now, probably should hook up the temp gauge and see what it's running at now.


Check # 2, and # 9 in my list of useful threads for more information.

I have a 2004 sport trac that is poring fluid out the vent tube as soon as i start the engine cold what is causing it to come out

Check the fluid level. Maybe it's overfilled.