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a4ld tcc od


November 22, 2008
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so i put an a4ld in my 96 2 door to get rid of the 5 speed,3 pedals was never to my liking especially in town.we researched the od solenoid and tcc controls from the processor and they are a negative drop/engaugment with a 12 volt that was key on/off.it didnt seem like a huge thing to accomplish and after doing a huge amount of work to get my 4r70 to shift and operate correctly with a 9"rear end in my f-150 it was nothing comparativly.i have a few expolrers in the back of the shop so i used the harness from one of them and wired the od and tcc to switches for now,later the od will be controlled by a microswitch on the shifter as i dont want the inside to look like an airplane.after running around without the od or tcc hooked up and doing in town driving we hooked up them up and it works great.locking the converter in 3rd really drops the rpm and brings down the temp.i dont have the temp gauge hooked up yet but after making a few hwy test runs the temp drops 60 degrees after checking with the temp gun at the cooler.i do have a question for glacier or brooklyn though,on the a4ld's in the "correct"year they are supposed to be in what triggers the converter to come out of lockup?is it the boo?i know in my dodge or f-350 when i want a few rpms to pass on a hill i tap the brakes to get it to come out for a few seconds.i like having full control over the tcc and dont want to lose it but when my girl drives it she doesnt want to have to play around with a bunch of switches.temp gauge goes in tonight and a deeper pan is on the way thanks to a link from the site so thanks for the help and hopefully someone can help get the other small things taken care of.

i do have a question for glacier or brooklyn though,on the a4ld's in the "correct"year they are supposed to be in what triggers the converter to come out of lockup?is it the boo?
BOO is one of the main triggers to unlock the TCC. The other one would be the TPS. In a stock '85-'94 PCM, it will unlock the TCC when the TPS signal crosses a certain threshold. That threshold is also a function of vehicle speed, so one could say that VSS also figures into the algorithm, but I it wouldn't be as important as the TPS signal for what you are describing.

The exact value of the threshold would be different, but the PCM would use the same concept to force a 4-3 downshift when the throttle was opened far enough.

It seems to me that's what you want: a link between TPS and TCC and 4th gear.

Why can't you just transfer everything (wiring harness, computer, BOO switch, TPS, etc) onto your vehicle to avoid any complications? The computer decides when to engage the TCC & 3-4 shift strategy for you. You wouldn't have to use any switches.

i guess im just dumb and controling,its not a big deal to do either id rather have the tcc control than to change 13 or 14 pins on the computer harness.its done now and it works great,im just going to leave it the way it is.5.14 gearing next week will make the od more usable too.thanks mr shorty,i ran through the wiring diagrams and noticed what you were talking about.