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a4ld tcc solenoid wiring


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February 3, 2014
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Longview, Texas
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1991 ford ranger xlt
I'm installing a new torque converter lock-up solenoid on the in my 1991 Ranger. The new solenoid is a new design and slightly different than the original.
My question is, does it matter how it is connected to the wiring harness. The solenoid has two blade connectors.
Thanks for your advice.

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solenoid connections

Does it matter which is + and - ?

Thanks BrooklynBay. The replacement solenoid (atp FE-3) does not have any pos. and neg. markings.
Also, it does not have the mounting clip to bolt it to the valve body, so it appears that I will have to fabricate a new retainer bar which will give a tighter fit and keep the solenoid from turning too much in the bore.
There does not seem to be a replacement solenoid which is an exact duplicate of the original.

Here's a solenoid with a mounting bracket: http://www.transmissionpartsusa.com/A4LD_torque_converter_solenoid_1986_94_p/230-00023391a.htm

This was the first one I ordered, but the mounting tab was in the wrong location (for my valve body and would not fit my valve body.
Some other parts I ordered from this supplier were great, and good prices.

No, the 3-4 solenoid sent is good and I installed it. Only one of them.
I also installed the FE3 and fabricated a new retainer bar of slightly thicker steel to make a tighter fit. I think it will stay in the VB just fine and should not bend like the original one.
As I mentioned previously, the FE3 is a different design internally an does not have the mounting tab. It relies solely on the retainer bar engaging with the VB to hold it in and prevent rotating.
I tested both solenoids and got approx. 28-29 ohms resistance and 12v "clicks".
Now, trying to reinstall the VB in the transmission. My old body doesn't work as good as it did a few years ago.
Thanks again to you and the Forum for all the help.