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A4LD Thrust Washer Question


December 3, 2006
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Lebanon, OH
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'93 LTD
I just rebuilt a 1993 A4LD and had all forward gears and no reverse. Ran great in forward for 120 miles and started to get a major delay in forward until I finally had no forward gears. I dropped the pan and fluid was burnt. Pulled the tranny and found the foward clutch burnt up. I took it to a local tranny shop that I had been working with during the rebuild. They said I was missing the #4 thrust washer. My center support has a thrust bearing on the snub that mates with the intermediate drum. When I did the teardown, there was no thrust washer on the rear of the center support--only the bearing. Here is my question---do I use both the bearing on the snub and the washer the base of the center support?

If not, any ideas on what caused the forward clutch to burn up?

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Go to the stickies and download the A4LD Updated Handbook. it explains which center supports have only a thrust washer and which ones have both a washer and a bearing. A 93 with the new center support should have both but the newer one has a recess for the washer.
Low line pressure could cause clutch failure.
A worn valve body could cause failure also.

I am also missing the #4 Thrust Washer on my 94 4.0 A4LD.

I tired to find the updated A4LD handbook stickey, also did a search and didn't find it.

Does anyone have that info on why it might be missing?


It is missing because posting copy write material is not permitted.

My #4 Trust Washer is missing because its Copy write material? ;-P ;-P

Sorry, thought you meant the handbook.

I did, but my end goal is to find out why my #4 thrust was also missing. I don't think it was ever taken apart, maybe it was left out from the factory?

That is a selective thrust washer, selected for proper clearance. It either got chewed up or the last guy left it out.

Its definitely not chewed up, its clean inside (besides the friction disc sludge)

Not sure which one #4 is but if its the one between the forward and direct drum, it might not have one. If the center support has a bearing on the end of the sealing ring hub then there is no thrust washer between the drums. 93 and later have this bearing and no washer.

JK080, Is probably right about the washer being a bearing instead. Yes, it's hard to know which one he is referring to as number 4.

The number 4 thrust washer was eliminated.