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a4ld to m5r1


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April 15, 2004
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91 xlt
im in the process of swapping a 1991 4dr explorer 4x4 from a a4ld to a m5r1. what i need to know is the main differences from parts from a 1991-1992 too a 1993-1994 like the

slave cylinder
master cylinder
throwout bearing
hydraulic fluid lines

all of those parts are year specific. the trans that i am getting is from a junkyard and they don't have any idea what year it came out of so i am worried what parts i am going to have to get to match up too this trans. are the parts that were used on the newer explorer better then what was used on a 1991, could i use the newer year parts on my truck since im starting from scratch or what. im going to the junkyard too pull everything that i think i need so some guidance wold be nice.

I believe there was a change to the throwout bearing/slave cylinder at one point. I'm not sure if the input shaft on the trans changed as well. Kris Guilbeaux has done this swap and should be able to answer any questions.

Ident. number ?

Can you get a serial number or part number off the junkyard tranny ? That would help you find out what year it is from. BN