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A4LD Transmission Question


March 5, 2005
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Houston, TX
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'92 XLT
Hi. I've got a 92 Explorer with 4.0 OHV and A4LD transmission. I just had the transmission rebuilt and valve body replaced, and the transmission works better than ever. Nice, tight shifts and the correct RPM's except in one particular case that I noticed the other night. If i'm going 65-70 and floor it, it will shift down to 2nd, and the engine revs to 5k, then the rev limiter kicks in and takes it down to about 4800rpm and keeps it there. The thing is, if I keep my foot on the pedal all the way, it will continue that way and never shift back to 3rd. If I let off just enough for the kickdown cable to disengage it'll shift right up to 3rd. Also, if I floor it just before the ~60mph point, it will shift up to 3rd at about 4700rpm like it should. I did do the proper adjustment for the kickdown cable on the firewall. The transmission shop said they can adjust that, but that it might throw off the other shifts too, which all seem to be shifting perfect. I'd appreciate any thoughts on this. Thanks!

I'm just guessing here, check vacuum to trans and also the mod-u-later might be out of adjustment. That sloved the problem I once had on a 63 ford years ago.

The modulator is new one that was put on just a few months ago when they did a full rebuild (minus the valve body they just put on a week ago). I also was not able to find any sort of vacuum leaks anywhere.