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A4LD transmission trouble.


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February 25, 2008
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Mesquite, Texas
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94 XLT
Our 94 Explorer XLT (with over 150K miles) stopped up shifting at full throttle from 1-2 and 2-3... Will shift when you let up on the accelerator. So I've read many post and hoped it was the Vaccum modulator. No such luck, my mechanic said he pressure tested the tranny in 1st @ 120psi and 2nd dropped to 20psi so it needed the clutches rebuilt minimally. This will start at $1500 depending on whether the overdrive and valve body was still good. I will probably be able to pick it up today and still don't know what it's going to cost me. I haven't had time to shop a rebuilt price and want to trust my mechanic. Even though he sent the tranny to a tranny shop for the rebuild. Anyone know what I should pay for a rebuild on this tranny in the Dallas area? Is his method of pressure testing sufficient diagnosis?

Welcome to this forum! I've renamed your thread, and moved it into the transmission section. The sticky threads on the top of the transmission section have information on rebuilding an A4LD, valve body, and pressure testing.

Thank You BrooklynBay :salute: