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A4LD trouble


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December 28, 2006
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Ok new guy here, I got a 93 ford ranger with a4ld 2.3. fresh rebuild on the tranny about 10,000 miles ago. It was driving great then all of a sudden got in it one day shifted from P to OD and it wont pull out, I moved down to 1 and it pulled out fine. I can move the lever into OD and nothing, just a little surge like it wants to lock up but it wont. I can move the selector into 1 or 2 and it will kick in gear everytime. I can manually shift going down the road and I do have drive and OD. It does kick in and out of OD like it is going in neutral or something.

Fluid is bright red and filled, I have large external cooler installed with overhaul, I have changed modulator valve, done a band adjustment, and checked vacuum on modulator valve. All with no help to the situation.

any suggestions?

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Welcome to this forum! It sounds like it's valve body related. You might have blown the gaskets, or the valve body bolts could be loose. If you are going to drop the valve body anyway, then it is a good idea to rebuild it.

Won't move with the shifter in O/D? Will move with the shifter in D ??? If so, the O/D sprag has failed. Try manually shifting 1-2-D, then when the truck is going fast enough-say 90 KPH-- shift into O/D.

Betcha it goes into 4th gear.

truck wont move in D either. If I move selector to OD or D no engage, but if i move immediatly to 1 or 2 no engagement either. I must return it to Park, Let the truck idle back down, then proceed to 1 or 2. At the time of 'kick out' nothing will work on the column. But if I return to Park and then back down to 1 or 2 I have engagement.

I'm with Bent on the OD sprag. I will also betcha it didn't get replaced in the rebuild. I am of the mind that EVERY A4LD rebuild needs several things, and new sprags are amongst them.