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A4LD Valve Body Questions????


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March 10, 2008
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Sunman, IN
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'93 Sport 2dr 4X4
93 ford explorer sport 4x4 A4LD tranny. My question is what is the difference between a valve body rebuild kit(like transgo or junior), versus a B&M "shift kit", I am not worried as much about performance differences as musch as I am about to they include the same ness. hardware to rebuild a valve body.

I am mechanically inclined but I am no trans expert so any info or advice would be a big help.

Again thanks to everyone here, kkep up the awesome work.


Welcome to this forum! Each kit comes with different parts to correct a different issue. An explaination is printed on their boxes. Check the manufacturer's websites for more information. The A4LD rebuild diary has many pictures with an explaination of each part.

Welcome to the site, the rebuild thread is excellent. I followed it with very good results. A rebuilt VB can be purchased with the improvements if you aren't up to the task. I thought it was fun to do the work myself.

Do a search, you'll be reading for a while.