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A4LD Valve Body Rebuild Diary

Glacier991 said:
Have you checked out the entire rebuild Diary yet ?

Yep just got done with it and I got in trouble with the wife for not getting anything done today out in the yard ( My son ratted me out for sitting here reading the rebuild diary) Oh well she will just get over it and be thankful that I can do my own repairs and don't have to shell out the money to someone else.

By the way a very nice write up on the rebuild too some tips in there that I know that I will be doing, also some things that I never thought of doing when I did my first a4ld 4 years ago I'm surpized that it is still working as if it was just re-built.

I got to go pick up my spare tranny for this X and it is going to get the full treatment because it will be seeing some towing duty now and than ( car trailer with the zuki on it about 5000 lb's for about a 60 miles each way to were we wheel )

I all ready have a B&M 19,000 lb gvw cooler with pusher fan from another project that will be added when the rebuilt tranny goes in.

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Hey Glacier, just wanted to say awesome job on this how-to thread :thumbsup: Sorry I Pm'd you without reading first... dumb me didn't realize the amount of work necessary :rolleyes: I plan on rebuilding my trans pretty much as you've illustrated, since it's SO much better than even the Ford manuals we have here. I thought it might make you laugh to know that after reading over my shoulder for half an hour, my boss had me print out the entire diary series to supplement our guidebook on A4ld (Commonly referred to here as the 'demon' transmission... surpassed only by that POS that sits behind new 6.0 power strokes) :p

Thanks again!!!

You should read through the A4LD Tranmission Rebuild Diary too <g>.

Sonnax has just come out with a novel new product. Many of the bores have a plug at the end, and the plug is also a seal. On those plugs, sonnax has come out with plugs incorporating an O ring seal. Neat. Here is the package of them... about $15.


Here is a large diameter one, with stock beside it:



And here is a small diamater one.


A worthy addition if you ask me.

Sonnax has another upgrade besides this one. They now make low, and high ratio boost valves with O rings. Glacier, do you have any pictures of those two parts?

It is discussed, with pictures, in the first two posts in this thread.

Nice find Chris. Regards,

Where did you buy the sonnax parts and the transgo kit?

Hey Chris Great Thread!

Its been a while, but my transmission finally failled. It blew the seal on the bell housing on my way down to LA. Just after turning 200k. Luckily I made it down there and I had a newly rebuilt transmission waiting for me, thanks to your A4ld rebuild thread.

Anyway, I finally wrestled the darn thing in and put it all back together after about 20 hours of work. And what do you know, the thing works, sort of.

Heres the main problem: It is having trouble shifting out of 1st gear. Dont get me wrong, it does shift to second, but only after about 4000-5000 rpms! This doesnt seem normal :confused:

Anyway there are so many great threads here on problems like these, Im really glad to have this resource.

Thanks for all your work as well, its threads like these, that keep cheepskates like me on the road and out of credit card debt.

Also, I still have a ton of brand new check balls lying around here. So if anyone wants any, feel free to drop me a line.

I would suggest that you check for a sticking governor, out of specification kickdown cable, and a possible bad modulator. Did you remember to put the pin back in the modulator? Did you rebuild the valve body? Go back, and retrace your steps. Maybe the valve body bolts are not the proper torque. Check the intermediate band too. Did you check the fluid level? It might be a little low. Start with the simple things first, and work your way from there.

Thanks for the help. I replaced the governor, and voila (4 hours later), problem solved. I guess this should be a lesson, governor replacement (as glacier has stated before) should be in order during the rebuild. Mine was around $32 from Axiom.

Also, the transmission had been setting for about a year since the rebuild, and the governor was relatively exposed to the air at least. Not a bad thing to check before installation.

Now to see if the thing will last another 200k. :burnout:

Thanks guys.

Have question on A4LD rebuild

Hello, My husband is rebuilding our A4LD on our 88 Ford Ranger 4x4. He has a couple questions for you on the valve body if you could answer him. On Bore 207 the reverse engagement control valve is a bit smaller than the hole and fits loose and he is not sure that is right, also on Bore 211 the backout valve , he is wondering if that is one whole piece because we don't have that one if it is. He is also wondering where we could get a picture of where all the retainers are located. If you could help us it would be very appreciated. Thanks Azcowgirl

There are two "relief valves" in the VB, one for the Throttle valve, and one for the Convertor. Sonnax came up with a better idea. Sonnax is on the left, stock on the right. I went with Sonnax.


Oh the springs go down in the holes in the VB and the little heads go UP against the separator plate! Backwards is not good.

This is post #1 for me..... (hurray) :usa: :salute:

Well I have to say that this Forum is outstanding, the VB rebuilding posts from Glacier and TN_Explorer are excellent, and the A4LD rebuild diary is just what I was needing to see if this was within my capabilities.

I am going to do a VB rebuild / overhaul first on my 94 XLT 4.0 2WD. It has the classic delayed shifting into reverse symptom. Lately it quit going into OD also.

Perusing all of these different and outstanding threads, I am trying to glean the best kits, tools and mods that I am considering buying or doing. This one by Glacier (master Jedi of the A4LD :notworthy ) shows this much better designed relief valve from Sonnax, but I am not finding it and he did not list a part or kit number.

Most all of these positing and threads I have gone threw carefully, but I admit I have just scanned over some also. So if I have just missed it, someone just kick me and tell me where that thread is. I have been looking over most all of the areas concerning anything to do with the A4LD trannie for about 1 week before signing up.

Does anyone know what the Sonnax part or kit # is for this item?

You guys and this forum ROCK !!! Thanks, this education on the A4LD is greatly appreciated. :usa:

Welcome to this forum! There are 2 kinds of relief valves (hi, and low ratio). WWW.TransmissionPartsUSA.Com shows them on their website. Just search for A4LD on their website, and you will see a list of all the A4LD parts which you will need.


Read your A4LD valve body rebuild diary, is informative and detailed. I am having an engaging problem, no reverse or OD, with my A4LD Trans. (92 Ranger 2WD). All advice I have gotten has indicated a valve body rebuild should correct this problem. My question is this, is the transgo kit ( the one referred to in your diary) all I would need to rebuild my A4LD and correct this problem.

The shift kit does not include all of the parts such as gaskets, fluid, filter, viton D ring kit, end plug O ring kit, Sonnax upgrades, boost valve, etc. It contains springs, and other parts. Make sure that you use an In/LB torque wrench on the VB bolts.

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Were can I get a listing as to all the items (part#s) I will need to rebuild my A4LD VB? Thanks for the advice on the In/Lb torque wrench and your willingness to share your knowledge.